Our Story

The People Behind Y&F Watch Co.

For us, it starts in the summer of 17', where we met working at one of Canada's major banks on the trading desk, and soon became friends talking work, life and timepieces... mostly timepieces.

Henry has been a lifelong collector with a particular affinity for Seiko and Grand Seiko timepieces. He continues to work on the trading desk at a Canadian bank.

Eric is starting to develop a collection of sub 40mm wristwatches to accommodate his smaller wrist. He has transitioned into working at one of the Big 4 accounting firms as a real estate strategist.

Y&F Watch Co. is truly about our passion for designing and manufacturing timepieces, and for building relationships. We do this in the evenings and on weekends to share this passion and excitement with fellow watch enthusiasts.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

Henry & Eric

What We Bring to the Market

Our goal when designing and building our watches to create timepieces that pay tribute to those of yesterday, but are engineered with the highest modern day precision and reliability.

We understand that a watch isn't just a tool to tell time; they have emotional and philosophical qualities as well. With this in mind, we look to our company's roots in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, to instill our watches with the rugged and care-free spirit of the West Coast and the sophistication and elegance of the big cities in the East. We offer:

  • Robust value - For $499, our offering includes The Burrard (white or black dial), 2 calfskin straps, a supple leather watch roll 7-day guarantee and a 2-year warranty.
  • Superior finishing - The 38mm case features a polished finish on the bezel and down the lugs with a brushed finish along the case and the Y&F roundel embossed on the crown and case back. Each numeral has been vertically brushed to increase light play and we went with a double-domed, slightly boxed sapphire crystal with AR coating.
  • Attention to detail - STP has removed the date wheel and complication on the 1-11 movement. There is no phantom date-setting crown position. The second hand has been custom-made with a bright red tip that extends to the outer edge of the dial. We have included small pips of lume outside of each numeral. The lugs have drilled holes to support quicker strap changes and the case has been chamfered to reduce the rub between the strap and case. Each case back has been numbered out of 300, making each timepiece unique.

We thank you for sharing in our story and look forward to continuing the conversation as we continue on the long journey ahead.

Designing The Burrard

It all began as a conversation between friends about the perfect watch: an understated watch with classical elegant old-world design elements and the robustness of a modern-day piece.

That conversation soon turned more ambitious, what if we could bring our vision of the ideal watch to life? So we sourced a trusted Swiss manufacturer and went through the design process with one black dial and one white dial prototype.

The feedback from friends and fellow watch enthusiasts was beyond positive so we batted around the idea of creating a 300 unit production run. After a year of reviews and feedback on the prototypes we made updates, and in May 2021 we self-funded The Burrard Series 001.

There are many more models in the pipeline and we are excited to share our excitement and passion for creating timepieces that embody all of the things we love about the world of horology.