Our Story

For us, it all began as a conversation between friends about the perfect watch: a watch with classical elegant old-world design elements and the robustness of a modern-day piece. A casual conversation soon turned more focused, more ambitious. What if we could bring our vision of the ideal watch to life and share it with enthusiasts all over? Perhaps this is a story that is far too common, but it does not dilute our excitement and passion for creating timepieces that embody all of the things we love about the world of horology.

Our goal when designing and building our watches, we not only wanted to create timepieces that pay tribute to those of yesterday, but are engineered with the highest modern day precision and reliability.

We understand that a watch isn't just a tool to tell time; they have emotional and philosophical qualities as well. With this in mind, we look to our company's roots in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, to instill our watches with the rugged and care-free spirit of the West Coast and the sophistication and elegance of the big cities in the East.

We thank you for sharing in our story and look forward to continuing the conversation as we continue on the long journey ahead.

Henry & Eric