Our Story

It all began in the summer of '17...

...when our paths crossed while working at one of Canada's premier banking institutions, right on the trading desk. From the intricacies of our daily roles to life's broader strokes and, of course, our shared love for timepieces — the bond was instantaneous.

The Duo Behind York & Front

Henry's collection, refined over the years, displays a deep-rooted admiration for Seiko and Grand Seiko watches. He currently remains immersed in the dynamic world of trading at a prominent Canadian bank.

Meanwhile, Eric started to develop a collection of sub 40mm wristwatches, a perfectly tailored fit for his smaller wrist. His professional voyage has since led him to one of the Big 4 accounting firms, where he strategizes in real estate.

Y&F Watch Co. isn't just a timepiece brand; it's an embodiment of our fervor for crafting exceptional watches, and for nurturing connections. Our commitment shines through our after-hours and weekend ventures, as we continually strive to resonate with fellow timepiece enthusiasts.

We're grateful for your company on this incredible journey.

Warm regards,

Henry & Eric

Elegance, Precision, Legacy: The Y&F Watch Craftsmanship

At Y&F Watch Co., our design ethos bridges the timeless charm of classic timepieces with the pinnacle of contemporary precision and dependability.

We deeply recognize that watches aren’t merely instruments to chronicle hours and minutes.

They are storied companions that carry emotional and existential weight.

Drawing from our rich heritage in Vancouver and Toronto, we infuse each piece with the wild, unbridled essence of the West Coast, balanced harmoniously with the cultured grace of the Eastern metropolises.

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Robust Value: At a competitive $625, we present to you The Burrard, available in both stark white or classic black dials. Your trust matters to us, hence we offer a 30-day guarantee coupled with a 2-year warranty.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Our 38mm case is a canvas of contrasting finishes. A gleaming polish runs across the bezel and cascades down the lugs, while a more subtle brushed touch graces the body. The Y&F emblem, a mark of our legacy, is embossed both on the crown and the case back. For heightened visual allure, every numeral is vertically brushed, creating a dance of light on the dial. The watch face is shielded by a double-domed, slightly boxed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, ensuring clarity at every angle.

  • Nuanced Details: We've collaborated with STP to exclude the date wheel from the 1-11 movement, ensuring there's no redundant date-setting crown position. The second hand, tailored with a vivid red tip, reaches the dial's periphery. Tiny lume pips sit gracefully outside each numeral. With drilled holes in the lugs, strap alterations become effortless, while the chamfered case minimizes strap-case friction. And, to crown it all, every case back is uniquely numbered up to 300, enhancing the exclusivity of each watch.

Joining us in this narrative means a lot to us. We eagerly await the chapters yet to unfold and cherish the ongoing dialogue with you as we journey through time.

The Inception of The Burrard Series 001: Realizing a Horological Dream

What began as an unassuming conversation among friends...

- musing about the epitome of a timepiece that harmonizes classical elegance with modern-day robustness -

...rapidly evolved into a tangible vision.

Driven by this collective ambition, we sought out a distinguished Swiss manufacturing partner, embarking on a design odyssey that yielded two exquisite prototypes.

One with a classic black dial and another in pristine white.

The Chorus Of Approval

The chorus of approval from our circle of friends and fellow watch enthusiasts became our rallying cry, inspiring us to consider a limited edition production of 300 units.

After a rigorous year of fine-tuning, guided by discerning reviews and invaluable community feedback, we took the leap to self-fund the Burrard Series 001, which debuted in May 2021.

But this is merely the prologue of our story. With an array of future models simmering in the developmental pipeline, we’re tingling with anticipation to share our unwavering passion and commitment to the nuanced art of horology.

This venture has only just begun...

...and we invite you to partake in its unfolding narrative, filled with thrilling developments and horological milestones.